5th Avenue 1920-30's Twin Cup Close-up
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Faked close-up view of two cups.
Faked close-up view of two cups.
I played with my graphics program to replace the bell on the right with a cup, so that you could see this graceful mast in some kind of dignity.
I've since been informed by site contributor Kevin Walsh, that my efforts at pole-ography were unnecessary, since the twinlamper with twin-cups at 28th Street has apparently had the missing diffuser on one cup replaced already.
However, since I rarely get into Manhattan anymore (not that I'm complaining), I wouldn't be likely to get an updated photo for a while. This picture actually looked better on my old PC, which had much more limited colors. Now, with a new PC with modern graphics, I unfortunately see it is quite flawed and obviously not fooling anyone. 

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